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I always leave feeling renewed. Dr. Drake has been instrumental in alleviating chronic upper and lower back pain using various non-invasive exercises and techniques, as well as constructive advice regarding maintaining correct posture. The staff will make you feel at home and the atmosphere is very friendly and professional. I would enthusiastically recommend Lake Union Wellness to everyone!
Ericc, Renton
This was the best treatment and healing I ever received. I felt like royalty.
I walked in without an appointment, and Dr. Mary heard me talking with the receptionist about my injuries. Dr. Mary offered to see me in between patients.
After a short wait, she talked with me in the exam room and explained how the bones exist and then effortlessly fixed my wrist, then my elbow and my back too.
I work for a Chiropractor out of state and was so happy with the excellent treatment. I wish I lived in Seattle because I would see her on a regular basis.
Thank YOU for the A+ service.
EvelynR, Hollywood
I’ve been getting semi regular adjustments here for several years and really trust Dr. Steffens and his staff. This was the first time taking my infant son for the oh-so-common quest to find some ways to help him (and me) sleep better. Dr. Steffens gathered information about the birth, gave me important information about infant development, gently checked my baby’s alignment and gave a few very gentle adjustments.
While my baby was very stimulated for the rest of that day and night, the following day he slept longer stretches! I plan to bring him back quarterly.