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The office was extremely professional and efficient. They moved me right through the process of evaluation while making sure that I felt well taken care of. They earned my trust with both my first appointment and the follow-up provided and I would highly recommend them.
Stephanie, Kirkland, Sep 10, 2015
Excellent customer service. I think by my 2nd visit they were greeting me by name as I walked in the door before I had even put my bag down to check in. If I’m going to be in awkward traction positions this is where I want to  go.
Adrien, Seattle, Aug 25, 2015
Everyone at Lake Union Wellness is wonderful.
Alisson, Aug 19, 2015
I’ve been very pleased with the chiropractic care and massage I receive from Lake Union Wellness. Previously skeptical about receiving chiropractic adjustments, I now experience its benefits, thanks to this great team!
John, Jul 27, 2015
Lake Union Wellness staff are extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgable. They have really helped me with my posture and back problems and it’s always a pleasant experience. I highly
recommend giving them a visit if you are in need of a good chiropractor.
Miranda, Seattle, Jul 21, 2015
I’ve been coming to LUW since November of 2014 and I’m still extremely happy. The whole staff knows me when I walk in the door, everyone is very professional but still keeps a friendly and light attitude which makes me feel more comfortable and invited.
Jessica, Seattle, Jul 16, 2015
I’ve been coming to LUW for a while and everyone is really friendly and the space is pretty neat. Scott gave a fantastic massage. It felt like two people were working on me at the same time. He has great flow and did an awesome job of focusing on my problem areas. Thank you!
Seth, Seattle, Jun 10, 2015
I was very happy to have gotten an appointment so quickly (as a new patient) on a day that it was obviously busy, after having done something to my back/neck. Not only did they fit me in, but they absolutely helped my issue and are setting up a long term treatment plan.
Alex, Seattle, Apr 1, 2015
My experience has been great. Not only is my program netting results but the staff are awesome. Everyone is super friendly and I enjoy my time there as much as one can in random traction positions. 🙂 It also impresses me how well the team works together. It doesn’t seem to matter which doctor or therapist is helping me, they all seem to COMMUNICATE with one another so I never worry that anything will be missed regardless of who I see on a given day. It’s how every business ought to run!
Thanks much!
Chris, Seattle, Mar 16, 2015
Great deep tissue massages here, very detailed to areas that needed attention and provided  immediate results. Staff is very friendly.
Bryan, Bellevue, Mar 8, 2015
I have been truly thankful for such great care there. My massage therapist (Ashley) is phenomenal. She’s gifted, bright, funny, and I always walk out of there feeling great. I’ve already recommended LUW to others.
Jackie, Seattle, Feb 17, 2015
I came to lake union wellness on a recommendation from a friend. I have thanked this friend many times because I have had an amazing expierence. Dr Stephen approached my needs with care thoroughness and honesty. His staff is warm and caring and because of that I look forward to my appointments. I am pleased with my healing and feel much better thankfully. Lake union wellness has made me more aware of my body and has given me the tools to continue my active lifestyle and maintain a higher level of health.
Amber, Seattle, Jan 31, 2015
This is an amazing place with a phenomenal staff. I have had issues off and on with my back since my accident as a teenager. Lake Union Wellness identified the issue that I would have from time to time and helped design a program to fix my issue, but most importantly assist in my future wellbeing and give me the confidence that with my proactive program I will be able to continue the activities I love doing as I become older. Hands down I recommend Lake Union Wellness to anyone and everyone!
Matt, Seattle, Jan 14, 2015
Justin is great! I’m seeing him in between physical therapy appointments to keep certain muscle groups loose, and he’s been awesome, really knows his stuff. Body feels great and it’s definitely helping.
Rebecca, Jan 9, 2015
Dr. Drake is amazing. He’s incredibly attentive and aware of what i’m trying to communicate regarding my care. He came up with a great long term plan for me, working with my financial and schedule needs. Since starting my chiropractic treatments I’ve been feeling great and am much more aware of my posture. I can even already bend further than I have been able to in years! The office staff is also really helpful, hands on and friendy. I love this place!
Jackie, Seattle, Dec 21, 2014
GREAT JOB Toni! The range of motion message that I received from Toni relived the pain and improved my ability to turn my head. I have had issues with numbness in my fingertips stemming from an issue in my back and Toni’s method was extremely effective. I have had 4 messages at this location and every person have been outstanding.
Thank you!
Ryan, Shoreline, Nov 4, 2014
As always, that was a great experience. Painful for some parts but I guess it is necessary to get better! And I am feeling quite better! I will follow the advice of the therapist and come back in few weeks!
Delphine, Seattle, Oct 7, 2014
Great staff, inviting interior and modern space; plus I’m feeling back to normal, if not a better than before. You feel like a member of the family with every visit. Highly recommended.
Evelyn, Hollywood, Jul 13, 2014
I always leave feeling renewed. Dr. Drake has been instrumental in alleviating chronic upper and lower back pain using various non-invasive exercises and techniques, as well as constructive advice regarding maintaining correct posture. The staff will make you feel at home and the atmosphere is very friendly and professional. I would enthusiastically recommend Lake Union Wellness to everyone!
Eric, Apr 5, 2014
My last massage was wonderful! I think the gentleman who I saw was amazing and I felt much better afterwards. Thanks so much!
Heather, Seattle, Feb 28, 2014
I’ve been going to Lake Union Wellness now for years. Initially, I had some sciatica issues from sitting so much at work. I went 3x a week for a couple months and the issues went away. I have been doing maintenance for a couple years now and continue to have wonderful experiences. Great staff, great customer service, great teaching tools around the space. I’ve also had a couple massages there and they were excellent!
Paul, Seattle, Jan 24, 2014
This was the best treatment and healing I ever received. I felt like royalty.
I walked in without an appointment, and Dr. Mary heard me talking with the receptionist about my injuries. Dr. Mary offered to see me in between patients. After a short wait, she talked with me in the exam room and explained how the bones exist and then effortlessly fixed my wrist, then my elbow and my back too. I work for a Chiropractor out of state and was so happy with the excellent treatment. I wish I lived in Seattle because I would see her on a regular basis. Thank YOU for the A+ service.
Evelyn, Nov 18, 2013
I’ve been getting semi regular adjustments here for several years and really trust Dr. Steffens and his staff. This was the first time taking my infant son for the oh-so-common quest to find some ways to help him (and me) sleep better. Dr. Steffens gathered information about the birth, gave me important information about infant development, gently checked my baby’s alignment and gave a few very gentle adjustments.
While my baby was very stimulated for the rest of that day and night, the following day he slept longer stretches! I plan to bring him back quarterly.
Rachel, Jul 28, 2013