Dr. Thomas Hope

Toni Fusco hails from the Pacific Northwest, where she was born and raised in Oregon. She moved to our lovely state of Washington from Grant’s Pass Oregon in 2003 right after graduating high school in order to attend Ashmead College in Fife. This is where she gained her passion for massage therapy. She did one full day of massage therapy classes, instantly knew that this was her calling and then she promptly bought a massage table on her way home from class. It’s been love ever since.

Toni has been licensed and practicing massage since 2006, and she has often used her incomparable skills to benefit the community. Her first year after graduation, she volunteered to perform massage at charity and fundraiser events in order to boost the all-around health and wellness of the city she’s grown to love.

Prior to practicing in 2006 she began a one year mentorship in 2005 so that she could learn Physiotherapy, which is a very unique form of massage therapy and one of the many techniques that have built her a strong following amongst our patients. Physiotherapy massage combines deep tissue massage therapy with range of motion techniques, as well as a helping of lymphatic drainage techniques in order to address each patient’s body as a whole, as opposed to just parts. This unique form of massage is especially beneficial for patients suffering from injuries, postural disorders and athletes.

When not working, Toni spends time with her friends and family and she has a passion for camping and other outdoor activities. Her husband Dustin and herself are also seasoned AutoX racers.