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Creating Your Care Plan

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If you follow Lake Union Wellness on Instagram, you’ve seen our new series called “What’s Crackin’?”

We enjoy showing off our work and how adjustments create the cracking sound in our patients’ bodies. There’s science behind that sound – and as I covered in my last bog, you should leave the cracking up to experts.

But when it comes to creating your care program, that’s something you should be involved in. In today’s blog I’ll explain how we work with each patient and what a care plan could look like for you.

First off, what is a care plan? It’s a process that your chiropractor will take you through on your road to wellness. Before the plan is created you – as a patient – will have an initial consultation with a chiropractor here at Lake Union Wellness. The initial consultation is different than your first exam. At the consultation, we discuss treatment options and help point you towards the correct type of care for your specific issue(s). We will ask you about your health, what prompted you to visit, talk about past injuries or accidents, and get to know you (because you’re amazing). Next, if appropriate, you’ll have an appointment with a chiropractor, who will do an initial exam and take x-rays.

This appointment is the foundation for your care plan. So make sure you take time to tell us everything you think we do (or don’t) need to know. Chiropractors will keep your information confidential – and that we will use it to create care custom for you.

Why do we create custom care plans? It’s simple – no two people are the same. On a daily basis, I treat patients with various issues: trouble sleeping, auto-injuries, athletic pains, and tech workers with neck strain. Some patients come to us with multiple issues. Regardless of the issue, the team at Lake Union Wellness will work with you – and each other – on the plan and implementation.

Visiting a chiropractor isn’t a one-time, once a year experience. In order to slowly manipulate your body back into pain-free mode, you’ll likely need to see us on a weekly basis for a predetermined amount of time.

If you’re concerned your insurance may not cover multiple visits, our staff will check your insurance before your initial appointment so there are no surprises.

Take time today to schedule your initial appointment – spring is here in Seattle and having a pain-free body is central to enjoying all the area has to offer.

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