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Improve Sports Performance and Reduce Sports Injuries

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If you’re an athlete looking to improve your sports performance and reduce sports injuries, your best option is to seek help from a skilled chiropractor. Chiropractors are adept at helping improve the brain-body connection, the range of motion associated with athletic exertion, and the management of biomechanical joint health. If you have any doubts about this, you should consider the fact that every US Olympic team since 1980 has had at least one skilled chiropractor as part of its medical team, so that sports injuries could be dealt with in the most effective manner.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are an elite athlete who competes at the highest level, or if you’re just a casual weekend warrior who plays golf, racquetball, or tennis during free time. All those things can generate sore muscles and sometimes sports injuries as well, and that means chiropractic care can be your best friend in recovering quickly and performing at your best.

Non-invasive, manual adjustments can be made by a skilled chiropractor to reduce the effects of any biomechanical injuries you sustain, as well as any neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction which may result from repetitive motions or severe usage. Your chiropractor can help eliminate both acute and chronic pains which are associated with the stresses typical of athletic performance.

Benefits of chiropractic care for sports injuries

It has been estimated that as many as 90% of all world-class athletes regularly consult with a chiropractor for the elimination of muscle stress, and when necessary to recover from any sustained injuries. Here are some other benefits which all athletes can derive from making regular use of chiropractic treatment:

  • Improve coordination – not only will you have better coordination, but your balance and your range of motion will also be improved. Chiropractors are adept at addressing any kind of imbalance which exists within the spine and associated joints. They’re able to restore proper alignment to the entire skeletal system, so that the body is capable of performing at its best.
  • Speeds up recovery – when your body is completely healthy, you’ll be able to recover much quicker than you would otherwise. Every time you work out, tiny little tears in your muscles occur, and ordinarily they will repair themselves. The process can be accelerated by chiropractic care, using gentle massage, cryotherapy, myofascial cupping, and recommending proper nutrition to promote healing.
  • Avoiding injuries – when your range of motion and your flexibility are both increased, your joints are much less likely to sustain injuries during athletic endeavors. Expert chiropractic care can help to maintain appropriate levels of flexibility and range of motion through spinal adjustments and manipulations, beneficial exercises, and specific stretches designed to operate on problem areas. Additionally, using Kinesiology Tape can help stabilize muscles during your workout.
  • Boost your immune system – because of the enormous stress placed on your body as an athlete, you can be subject to a greater incidence of disease or sickness. The immune system is heavily influenced by the function of the nervous system enclosed by the spinal cord, and when there are any misalignments in your spine, that will have a direct bearing on your immune system. A skilled chiropractor will be able to detect any misalignments, and restore bones, tissues, and ligaments to their proper positioning, thus also relieving any undue pressure on nerves in those areas.

If you are looking to recover from current sports injuries or just want to increase performance through regular chiropractic care call us at (206) 735-4991 or fill out our form online for a FREE initial consultation.

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