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Proper Pickup

Dr. Thomas Hope

You probably pick up so many things each day that you rarely give it a second thought. Whether you’re picking up something you dropped, the kid’s toys, the dog leash, or a heavy object, having proper pickup form is important. In today’s blog, I’m going to discuss the proper form and why it’s important.

Let’s first talk about what proper pickup looks like. Get as close to the object as you can. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your back straight. Bend at the knees and hinge at the hips. Try keeping you lower legs parallel with your thorax as you drop your butt to the floor. Get a comfortable grip on the object you are lifting. While leaning back slightly to compensate for the added weight up front, use the power of your legs to extend your knees and hips.

Proper form is important because it will help prevent injuries from occurring. Also, the benefits of proper lifting form will lead to optimal performance and strength.

Improper form will lead to injury. This can be in the form of a disc herniation, muscular strain, ligament tear, ligament sprain, joint instability (especially in the knees), or a hernia.

It’s very common to see patients come into the office due to injuries from improper form. It is important to treat these types of injuries with chiropractic care and correct the root cause of the problem versus masking the problem with pain medication.

Chiropractic adjustment will help induce motion into the joints of your spine that have become locked up due to an injury. This will help relieve nerve pressure as well as intervertebral disc pressure. Correcting the structure of the spine will help prevent future injury as well.

Before taking on any new strenuous exercise make sure you’re stretching. Consider adding strength workouts to your exercise regimen. Depending on the shape of your lower back and pelvis would determine what muscle groups need to be stretched and strengthened.

Schedule your initial exam and x-ray at Lake Union Wellness so you can see what areas of your spine need to be corrected!

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