Lake Union Wellness presents a can’t miss offer for Helm residents.

Helm and Lake Union Wellness are partnering to bring you an amazing Happy Hour to Helm residents.

During your happy hour, your residence will be providing delicious wine and refreshments for you to relax. They invited us to help out with your work-from-home stress relief and education. We will be exhibiting a proper WFH workstation utilizing common home items, performing posture assessments to help educate where your current foundation is vs. where it should be, and finally answer any questions you may have around posture, ergonomics, chiropractic, and massage.


Our goal is to help you understand where you are today, and what options there are for you to reduce and alleviate your WFH stress.
Helm and Lake Union Wellness care about your wellbeing and want to assist in improving your quality of life.

Our Chiropractic and Massage Therapy programs are safe, effective, and affordable.

The first 50 residents to attend the Happy Hour will receive a Work From Home (WHF) Goodie Bag filled with a collection of hand-curated items to ease your WFH stress.  (Supplies are limited.  One Goodie Bag per apartment please.)

Bags will be available for pick-up* or delivered* Friday, November 13th Happy Hour Time 5:30-6:30 pm. Your Management will send out specific details. We will follow all COVID health and safety protocols.

Worried about not getting the Goodie Bag?  Don’t sweat it! ALL Helm RESIDENTS are eligible to receive the following Resident Discounts:

  • Free virtual or in-person consultations.  Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consult with one of our doctors…. Please make sure to let the front desk know if you would like a virtual or in-person consultation when you call, or simply click on the link to get scheduled

Virtual consults can easily be done from your mobile device by phone or video.

  • Resident Discounts!
    • Massage therapy – $65 for a 60-minute massage (normally $80) or a one-time $15 credit to your account if you are using insurance.
    • Chiropractic
      • New Patients Special: Evaluation, Exam, and Xray for only $37 (normally $285) or a one-time $37 credit to your account if using insurance (offer for new patients only)
      • Existing Patients: Re-exam and adjustment for only $37 or a one time credit to your account if using insurance.
  • Can't miss offer for Helm residents!

    Reserve My Goodie Bag!

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