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Myofascial Cupping

Myofascial Cupping Therapeutic Treatments

The benefits for the treatment are plentiful. Cupping improves blood and fluid circulation, mobilizes muscle and sinew flexibility, irons out crumpled and contracted fascia, and gives breathing room to adhesions.

We will be using RockPods compression cups – they help improvement and manage pain.

It’s important to note that cupping may cause visible bruising that can last for a few days. Your therapist can help you learn more about the bruising.

You can have this service done during your therapeutic massage. Please let our staff know when you schedule your appointment or when you arrive at our office.

The cost for Myofascial Cupping is $15 and is not covered by insurance.

 Call or email the office for more details and to get scheduled. (206) 326-1990.

Add-on Services FAQ

When and how do I schedule an add-on service?

You can schedule your add-on service in two ways. First is when you call to schedule your appointment. Just let our staff know and we’ll make sure it’s added to your massage. Second, you can add it when you check-in for your massage. Our front desk staff will give you an add-on sheet for you to choose which, if any, you would like for that day’s visit. Just hand it back and it will be so!

How do I pay for an add-on service?

Each service is $15 and is typically not covered by insurance at this time. You can pay cash, credit/debit card at the time of your service. 

Bonus: Your first try of an add-on is 50% off. 

How long do the services take?

CBD oils and Cupping are used and performed during your massage; Kinesiotaping (functional movement tape) is applied during the last few minutes of your massage session.

What training has your staff received to safely deliver these services?

Our staff have completed training courses on both Kinesiotaping and Cupping. We were able to have the manufacturer of the CBD oils come to our office and speak directly to the staff about the benefits/side-effects/safety of the specific CBD products we are using in our office. 

Currently not accepting Massage Only clients