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There is an increasing incidence of neck pains in our society these days, probably due in large part to the number of hours people devote to staring at their electronic devices and computers. Since these type of pains develop slowly, they can be barely noticeable at first, until they accumulate into something which causes you significant pain and discomfort.
If left untreated, neck pains can come to impact your daily life in a major way, and may even prevent you from doing some of the things you like to do. No one really has to endure neck pain, because once the cause of your neck pain is known positively, it can generally be treated by competent chiropractic care. The expert chiropractors at Lake Union Wellness in Seattle, Washington are very skilled at diagnosing the cause of your neck pains, and will be able to customize a treatment program to address your specific issues.

Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain causes

In a great many cases, the root cause of neck pains in your body can be attributable to some kind of damage that has been done to the nerves and tissues around the spinal cord. Some of the most common causes of this damage are a poor sleeping position, a pinched nerve, anxiety or stress, cumulative wear and tear, whiplash, poor ergonomics at work, and sports injuries. Anyone of these could have contributed significantly to the neck pain that you feel, and that neck pain will not go away by itself in most cases, especially if there has been nerve or tissue damage done.

Diagnosing neck pain

When you make your initial visit to Lake Union Wellness, your chiropractic specialist will discuss your family medical history with you, as well as your own medical history. Then you will be given a complete physical exam, which will attempt to uncover the source of your neck pains. This physical exam may include x-rays, an MRI scan, or possibly a CT scan, so that the real source of your neck pain can be positively identified.
Once your neck pain has been diagnosed, it will be possible to formulate the most effective kind of treatment program, which addresses the specific issues or problems you have.

Neck pain treatments

Following an accurate diagnosis of your neck pain, some kind of corrective treatment program will be recommended by your doctor. To alleviate whatever symptoms you’re feeling, and to correct any misalignment or tissue damage, your doctor may recommend a number of different treatments, usually some combination of the following: rehabilitation of tissue and muscles, hot and cold therapy, therapeutic exercises, massage therapy, spinal traction, and specific spine adjustments.

Whatever it is that has caused your neck pains to flare up and to persist, your chiropractic expert will discover the cause, and will take steps to mitigate whatever symptoms you’re experiencing. You will notice that in the list of treatments above, there is no mention of surgeries or of medications.
That’s because chiropractic treatment does not involve either of these two approaches since they are not holistic or natural approaches that will effect a cure. This is in fact, the real advantage of chiropractic care, because it is non-invasive and does not involve medications. That means there are never any surgeries to recover from, and it also means you won’t become a slave to pills, in order to relieve the neck pains you’be been feeling.

Are neck pains bothering you?

If you’ve had persistent neck pains, you should have them checked out at your earliest opportunity, because there could be a serious issue underlying the pain and discomfort you’re feeling.

Contact us at Lake Union Wellness in Seattle, Washington, so our chiropractic specialists can provide you with a free exam and consultation, and so your problem can be diagnosed.

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