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Whiplash is the term which is usually referring the when someone is involved in an car crash which features a sudden impact which causes violent stresses to be placed on the spine and the surrounding ligaments. It can be a very serious condition, because in can lead to abnormal movement (instability) of the bones potentially leading to further injury to the discs, nerves, and even the spinal cord. Whiplash can also lead to injury of the brain (concussion), TMJ (jaw) joints, shoulders and hips.

One of the most disconcerting aspects of whiplash is that you may not feel any pain in the immediate aftermath of the crash, and that means any problems or issues may go undetected for quite some time. Many people think the symptoms will just go away, so they do not seek treatment right away. This leads to worsening of the underlying injury and decreases the chances of fully recovering in the future. Immediate evaluation treatment is very important to help the injury to heal properly.

If you’ve been in a car crash either recently or in the past, don’t take a chance with your future health. Come see us at Lake Union Wellness, so we can identify any issues you may have, and develop a program of treatment which will get you back to normal.

Whiplash symptoms

Long-term consequences of whiplash can be devastating. This means you should be totally alert to any of the symptoms which commonly occur after a car crash. Here are some of the most frequently occurring symptoms, and if you should detect any of these, you should seek a thorough evaluation right away, because they are a sign of true tissue injury from the crash:

    • numbness or tingling felt in the fingers, arms, or hands
    • sleeping difficulties
    • headaches
    • dizziness
    • fatigue
    • neck pain
    • upper back pain
    • muscle tenderness
    • jaw pain
    • blurry vision
    • pain which radiates up through your arms, shoulders, and upper back
    • difficulty turning your head
    • ringing in your ears
    • soreness in the muscles around your neck, shoulders, and back.
Auto Injury involving whiplash

How our chiropractic treatment can help your whiplash

Many of the issues resulting from a car crash show up primarily as damage to the tissues and nerves in the area around the spine. A skilled chiropractic doctor will be able to identify the source of this pain and discomfort, and will know exactly what to do to relieve it.

In many cases, your pain and discomfort can be relieved by some initial spinal adjustments. At Lake Union Wellness we also have experienced professional massage therapists who combine therapeutic massage methods to help alleviate those tight, injured muscles. We ultimately want our patients to be able to avoid spine surgeries and addictive pain-killing medications. Anytime you have been involved in an auto accident or a whiplash event, you should immediately think of chiropractic care, because it specializes in exactly the kind of injuries which can occur in this way.

When you come to us for treatment of your whiplash injuries, the first course of action will be to try simple manual therapy which is comprised of minor chiropractic adjustments, and soft tissue rehabilitation. This will help restore normal movement and functionality of tissues and muscles, and it will help restore the ideal positioning of the spine.

You may also have to undergo strength training, stretching exercises, trigger point therapy, range of motion exercises, and massage therapy, all of which will help restore normal function to the body. Once the spine is moving more normally and pain is beginning to improve, we will begin corrective chiropractic care to help improve any abnormal alignment of the spine using specialized exercises and traction methods. You may also be asked to perform some of the same recovery techniques at home in order to speed the process, but in any case, a treatment program will give be developed for your specific circumstances.

Whiplash Seattle, Washington

If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident, especially one in which there was a sudden impact, it’s very possible that you have developed some kind of spinal misalignment or ligament damage as a result of the crash. Don’t put it off, just because you don’t feel any immediate symptoms, because these kinds of issues can show up weeks and even months after the accident.

Contact us at Lake Union Wellness so we can provide you with a free consultation and exam that will diagnose any issues you may have in this regard. 

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