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Know the Qualities to Look for When searching for a Chiropractor in Downtown Seattle.

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Chiropractor Near Me in Downtown Seattle

When people are searching for a reputable chiropractor in the Seattle area or any other area of the country, one of the most commonly used search techniques is simply to go online and search for the ‘best chiropractor near me’. This will provide you with a listing of all the local Downtown Seattle chiropractors, so that you’ll have a number of them to choose from. However, this kind of listing won’t give you any information about the qualifications or the level of experience of any of those chiropractors, so you’ll have to do a little more research before making your choice.

We believe strongly that Seattle’s best chiropractor center is at Lake Union Wellness center, because that’s where you’ll find Dr. Christina Van Moorsel, Dr. Thomas Hope, and Dr. Cody Drake, all of whom are experts at delivering chiropractic care to Seattle patients. If you browse through some of our patient reviews and testimonials, you’ll find that the people whom we’ve helped over the years are highly appreciative of the care they’ve received at our facility, and that’s the best kind of recommendation a facility could have.

Services we offer at Lake Union Wellness 

A partial listing of the services we provide at Lake Union Wellness is shown below, but if you have an issue that is not included on our list, please contact us to see if we can help you.

  • Scoliosis treatment – while this primarily affects teenagers, anyone can be troubled by an abnormal curvature of the spine. We can help your teenager recover a more normal spinal alignment and help to stop any further advance of the disease.
  • Migraines and persistent headaches – anyone troubled by persistent migraines knows how debilitating they can be, and we understand that as well at Lake Union Wellness. We’ll try to discover the reason for your migraines and headaches, so that the most effective possible treatment program can be recommended.
  • General chiropractic care – because chiropractic care always seeks to treat the body as a whole, it can be the most effective approach as well as the most natural approach to managing bodily stresses, pains, and discomfort.
  • Whiplash and related auto injuries – whenever any kind of traumatic impact is absorbed by the body, there’s a possibility that the spine can become misaligned, even if it doesn’t show up in the immediate aftermath of the event. If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, you should contact us so we can give you a thorough examination, and take any necessary steps to recover.
  • Low back pain – for some people, lower back pains are a nightmare, and for others they’re simply an ongoing discomfort. However badly you are affected by lower back pains, we can probably help diminish the frequency and the severity of your pains through gentle manipulations of the back area, and by massage therapy which can help restore balance to your body.
  • Neck pains – neck pains can be just as troublesome as lower back pains, and they can inhibit the manner in which you turn your head to either side. Sometimes all that’s needed to eliminate neck pains is the knowledgeable ministrations performed by a skilled chiropractor.
  • Massage therapy – massage therapy which makes use of proven medical methods can be extremely effective at relieving aches and pains all over the body, and can help restore you to a pain-free existence, where you’re ready to perform your normal daily routine again.

Why choose us? 

Best Voted Chiropractor Near You

There are certainly other chiropractic centers you could patronize in downtown Seattle, and some of them may even be very good, but we hope you’ll choose Lake Union Wellness because of our approach to wellness. We won’t ever cover up the source of your discomfort by giving you pain-killers or other medications, because that does nothing to cure the problem. Instead, we will work diligently to diagnose the true cause of your issue, and then our skilled practitioners will go to work at developing the very best program of treatment which will restore your body to a state of total wellness.