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Just east of Lake Union, you’ll find the community of Portage Bay, Wash. This area is home to one of the finest chiropractic clinics in the Northwest – Lake Union Wellness. Many patients come to a chiropractor for the first time after having suffered a traumatic sports injury or after having sustained whiplash in an automobile accident.

While we can certainly help patients recover from these kinds of accidents, our chiropractic clinic regularly treats a much broader range of injuries and pains. We can provide relief from scoliosis, sciatica, poor posture, persistent migraine headaches, and chronic pains associated with the neck, shoulders, and back. Whenever you have any of these issues, you should contact us right away, so we can set up an initial consultation and get started with getting you back on the road to whole-body wellness.


What our Portage Bay chiropractors can do for you

When you seek relief at our Lake Union Wellness , we won’t try to simply mask your pain by providing you with pain-killers and other medications, because these do little more than manage symptoms. When the pain-killers wear off, your pains and discomfort will return in full force, and you’ll be right back where you started. Our approach is a holistic one, which addresses the underlying cause of your pain instead of the superficial discomfort you’re feeling. 

When treatment addresses the true underlying cause of pain and discomfort, a long-lasting solution can be found because the source of the pain will have been removed. That is one way in which chiropractic care is significantly different from traditional medicine, because we adopt the whole-body approach rather than treating a single specific area of the body. Recognizing that all body systems and parts are really components of an interconnected whole, we endeavor to treat the whole body, because pains which are experienced in one area of the body will eventually show up in other areas as well, if they are not properly treated at the source. 

Chiropractic care begins by learning everything possible about your family medical history, as well as your own personal history. There is very often some valuable information to be gained through discussions about family medical history, and this information can be used to good effect in the eventual treatment program developed. Once we have learned all this, we will use the most modern diagnostic equipment to try and pinpoint the true cause of the pain or discomfort you are feeling.

After we’ve successfully diagnosed the issue, we can develop a program for treatment and discuss that with you. Assuming you have no issues with this plan, we will partner with you throughout the plan, which will always be one that takes a holistic approach to restoring you to whole-body wellness.

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