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When you’re looking for a ‘Queen Anne chiropractor near me’, look no further than Lake Union Wellness, which is a chiropractic care facility that has been in business since 2007, providing the best chiropractic care in the entire greater Seattle area. The professional team at Queen Anne has already helped thousands of patients achieve a much better state of wellness by taking the holistic approach to treatment, rather than recommending surgeries or medications.

Your Queen Anne medical professionals view the body in its entirety, rather than as something composed of a number of different systems. All these systems are intricately inter-connected, and whenever one is out of whack, it will affect all the others. That’s why our team of professionals always seeks to learn the underlying causes of a problem, rather than simply treating symptoms which might be manifested. Whenever you happen to be suffering from lower back pain, shoulder or neck pain, spinal misalignments, or migraine headaches, we urge you to schedule an appointment with our team of Queen Anne chiropractors, so your situation can be diagnosed and a whole-body treatment plan can be adopted.

Why choose Queen Anne Chiropractors?

First of all, we don’t jump to any conclusions, and we won’t simply go along with what your doctor may have told you about your medical condition. We will make use of the latest technology to diagnose what your real issue is, and at the same time we’ll have an extensive interview with you to determine your family’s medical history as well as your own. This is sometimes very helpful in pointing us in the right direction, and it can also tell us what to look for in the future.

Then we’ll discuss a potential program of treatment with you, so we can be sure you’re comfortable with whatever techniques we feel are most suitable for obtaining the desired results. It will rarely happen that a problem can be corrected in a single session, and that makes sense because most problems which occur in the body don’t happen overnight, so it’s not reasonable to expect they can be fixed in that same amount of time. That means we’ll discuss a program which recommends a specific number of treatments, and you should feel progressively better at each one of these sessions.


Services we offer

We handle a wide variety of injuries and common problems, many of which are attributable to misaligned spines. Some of the conditions we commonly treat include sports injuries, whiplash resulting from car accidents, poor posture, scoliosis, sciatica, persistent migraines, pediatric chiropractic care, neck pains, shoulder pains, and lower back pains, especially when they last longer than just a few days. If you have any doubts about whether we’ll be able to help you, it’s best to contact us and let our Queen Anne specialists conduct a thorough examination of you and the problem area. That will tell us just what the problem is. From there we’ll create a custom treatment plan that will have you living a pain-free life in no time.

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